Clean Water Statement on NJ's Energy Master Plan Release

Trenton, NJ -- Statement from Clean Water Action's State Director, Amy Goldsmith, on the release of the draft Energy Master Plan (EMP) by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU):

"This has been a long awaited and highly anticipated release. Since 2011, New Jersey has been operating under Governor Chris Christie's failing energy blueprint, which will leave NJ falling far short of meeting our state's clean energy and climate goals."

"This draft EMP is really a sketch, rightfully awaiting climate modeling and public input to help fill out some of the details. The final plan will need to direct the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to regulate carbon as a pollutant and to say no to new carbon pollution sources."  

"In the meantime, new fossil fuel projects keep popping up, a little like the Whack-A-Mole game. It is a losing battle against the climate crisis. Fortunately, legislators like Senators Weinberg and Bateman, and Assemblymembers, McKeon, Jasey, Mukerji, Timberlake, and Calabrese are joining the call for a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure now."

"To protect public health and private property, and to grow the economy, we need the final EMP to position New Jersey as a national leader in fighting the climate crisis."

"There will be stakeholders meetings over the summer, and we encourage the public to voice their concerns about what a final Energy Master Plan should look like. We want to make sure that everyone in NJ, no matter their zip code has clean air, renewable energy, and green jobs."

Amy Goldsmith