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Colorado Test Results Reveal Contaminated Drinking Water

June 29, 2020

“CDPHE’s water testing results highlight the need for the state to do more to protect our communities from PFAS,” said Jennifer Peters, Water Programs Director at Clean Water Action. “Polluters should not be allowed to dump these chemicals into our water, and I urge the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission to pass a strong narrative water policy to rein in discharges of PFAS into Colorado waters.”


GOCO picks eight projects to draw more people to waterway

June 18, 2012

Colorado leaders funded eight new projects to protect greenspace along rivers and creeks — picked today to receive nearly $30 million in state lottery grants — advancing a strategy of drawing more people to waterways.

Five are in Front Range urban areas. Three are in urbanizing mountain areas. All rely on the lure of water for play, walking, kayaking, biking and fishing.

But water diversions and drought have reduced water flows in the South Platte and other rivers to near-record lows, and water quality problems — from E. coli to toxic pollution — loom.

Aurora Residents Protest Proposed Fracking Site

June 4, 2012

Homeowners in an Aurora neighborhood scheduled a meeting on Tuesday to voice their concerns about a proposed drilling and fracking project coming near their homes.

The area is near 6th Avenue and Gun Club Road. Drilling is set to begin on several lots around both the Murphy Creek School and Vista Peak Prep School.

The streets are quiet out and the houses are nice, and residents say that’s how they want to keep their neighborhood. Their list of worries about oil companies coming in is long.

It’s an area where rural meets housing developments. The wide open spaces are an invitation to oil companies looking to drill.