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South Platte River -- Photo credit: Jennifer Peters

Denver Water's Lead Reduction Plan

August 2, 2019

Denver Water has proposed a bold plan to eliminate one of the largest sources of lead in its distribution system—lead service lines—while protecting public health.

Fracking Fronlines - Michael and Noelle

Fracking Frontlines: Michael and Noelle

February 1, 2016

Michael and Noelle live in Timnath, CO. Here is their story: "We moved our family here last year and by March, we found out that they were doing seismic testing."

Fracking Fronlines - Carl

Fracking Frontlines: Carl

February 1, 2016

Carl lives in Greeley, CO. This is his story: "Nobody wants semis driving down your neighborhood street, but that's what we have here."

Fracking Fronlines - Rachel and Charles

Fracking Frontlines: Rachel and Charles

February 1, 2016

Rachel and Charles live in Timnath, CO. This is their story: "The activity of the fracking industry has impacted my entire family."

Fracking Fronlines - Desiree

Fracking Frontlines: Desiree

February 1, 2016

Desiree and her family live in Windsor, CO. This is their story:

Sprinkler at a coal ash disposal site. Photo credit: bibiphoto / Shutterstock

Kick Coal Ash Colorado

January 23, 2016

Coal fired power plants are one of the largest source of pollution in the United States.