Maryland Actions

People holding a banner that says

Reclaim Renewable Energy in Maryland!

Tell your legislators to stop "renewable energy" subsidies propping up polluters in our communities.

A screenshot of the Roadway Classification Map in the City of Frederick 2020 Comprehensive Plan, wit

Tell Frederick City: budget for safety around Fort Detrick's Area B

For more than a decade, the City of Frederick has been planning to complete a loop around most of the city via Monocacy Boulevard and Christopher’s Crossing.

A forest in Maryland with stream erosion (not Seneca Creek)

No M83 in Montgomery County

M83 is an outdated solution to our traffic and development problems, yet it is still a part of Montgomery County's M

Support HB1033: Bring Justice 40 Home to Maryland

Let's put frontline communities at the front of the line.

A dye test is used to track the water coming off a septic system.

Ensure Safe & Healthy Septic Systems!

HB318/SB479 (sponsored by Delegate Stein and Senator Hester) establishes a regulatory board for the on-site wastewater industry.