Maryland Actions

Speak Out for Howard County Trees

Howard County is tackling some of its issues around Forest Conservation with CB61-2019 and CB62-2019, both of which will have public testimony on Monday, November 18th at 7 PM.

Tell Baltimore City: sewage backups stink

On November 13, the Baltimore City Council is holding an investigative hearing on sewer backups and what the City is doing to solve this urgent public health and financial threat.

ReThink Disposable_NJ_PlasticBags_Image from NJ Summer newsletter 2018.jpg

It's about time to #ReThinkDisposable bags in Baltimore!

Plastic bags litter our streets and streams, and their creation and disposal contributes to air and water pollution and climate change. Email the Mayor and City Council: it's about time to #ReThink Disposable plastic bags.

A rally for offshore wind in May 2017 in front of Baltimore's City Hall.

Bring offshore wind and onshore jobs to Maryland!

Tell the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to approve Maryland's offshore wind farms without unnecessary and harmful restrictions that could make the projects impossible to complete.