New Jersey Campaigns

Lake at Delaware Gap National Park, Sunset. Photo credit: Jon Bilous / Shutterstock

Protecting New Jersey's Waters

Promoting clean, safe water from watershed to water tap. Campaigns for safe, affordable drinking water support integrated and innovative water policies to conserve, protect and restore water systems for our communities and environment.

Climate Change and Clean Energy in New Jersey

Clean Water Action advocates for a safe and clean energy economy, including renewable energy sources like solar and wind, and the creation of green jobs and opposing dirty and unsafe energy sources like coal, nuclear and liquid natural gas.

Environmental Justice in New Jersey

Working to build economic, social and environmental justice (EJ) in New Jersey's urban communities faced with the disproportionate impacts of pollution. We collaborate with diverse constituencies for sustainable solutions that result in clean, thriving, healthy communities.

Baby with a toy in her mouth. Photo: Sze Fei Wong / iStock

Healthy Communities in New Jersey

Advancing upstream solutions that protect people from toxic harm by reducing and preventing pollution at its source. Replacing consumer, cleaning and pest control products with safer alternatives. Replacing single-use disposables like plastic and Styrofoam with reusables.

Civic Engagement in New Jersey

Since its founding in 1972, civic engagement has been central to Clean Water Action's mission and strategy. We work to educate and empower the public, hold elected officials accountable, and build grassroots strength to change politics and environmental policy in New Jersey and across the country. Grassroots organizing (canvassing or door-to-door organizing) is the heart and soul of our organization, giving our members the tools to act to protect what they care about and it is their actions that gives us the power to make a difference.