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Lead Hazard Awareness Project: Lead in Consumer Products

June 27, 2018

Items that contain lead include candy, folk and traditional medications, ceramic dinnerware, children’s jewelry, clothing ornaments, children’s toys, key chains and other metallic or painted objects.

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Lead Hazard Awareness Project: Fighting Lead-contaminated Soil and Dust

June 27, 2018

Philadelphia’s smelters are shut down, and cars no longer run on leaded gasoline. But the lead they released still clings to the soil surface, along with flakes of exterior lead paint. The result: lead is in the dirt that sticks to shoes and hands after work or play in bare soil.

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Lead Hazard Awareness Project: Lead in Paint

June 27, 2018

If your home was built before 1978, especially before 1960, it is very likely to have lead paint.  Undisturbed paint with a smooth surface is not considered dangerous, and most lead paint has been covered with many layers of non-leaded paint. 

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Lead Hazard Awareness Project: Housecleaning for Lead Safety

June 27, 2018

If you live in an old city house, you likely have lead in your paint and lead in your soil.  Dust from both paint and soil contributes to house dust, and lead in house dust is a major source of lea

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Living More Safely With Lead - Safety Tip Guide

June 19, 2018

Contents: Keeping lead out of house dust; Cleaning up lead dust; Avoiding contact with lead in soil; Safe Drinking Water; Lead Paint Safety; More ways to keep children lead-safe

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Request a Free Lead Seminar in Your Neighborhood

May 31, 2018

Is your family at risk from lead? Fill out the form below to arrange a free presentation for you, your family and your neighbors.