Virginia Campaigns

Two women voting. Photo credit: Burlingham / Shutterstock

Civic Engagement and Elections in Virginia

Clean Water Action builds grassroots strength in local Northern Virginia communities to change state and national politics and environmental policy.

Street drain, stormwater runoff. Photo credit: Abramov Timur / Shutterstock

Protecting Water in Virginia

One of the most widespread and rampant sources of pollution Virginia’s tributaries and the Chesapeake Bay is urban and suburban stormwater runoff from hard and impervious surfaces like streets, roofs, and parking lots.

PFAS Rhode Island

Safer Chemicals for Virginia

There are numerous sources of toxic chemical exposure in Virginia that are poorly tracked by regulatory agencies. Clean Water works with our allies to pass urgent reforms needed to reduce toxic chemical releases and toxic chemical exposures in the Commonwealth including stepped up research and enforcement.

Act on Climate in Virginia

Climate adaptation and mitigation means protecting our communities, water, and air by reducing fossil fuels and automobile-dependency, while investing in living infrastructure, transit, and renewable energy.


Environmental Justice in Virginia

Every community in Virginia deserves to have their health and environmental safety treated with equity and integrity. Clean Water believes that no community, especially those most underserved and underrepresented, should bear disproportionately high or adverse effects of environmental pollution.