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Image of Chalk Point Coal Plant from MD Sierra Club

Coal Free Maryland Waters

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We have a problem with coal-fired power plants dumping toxic pollutants such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and selenium into our waterways. These pollutants concentrate in the food chain, and already Maryland has fish consumption advisories for mercury in over ten species.

Under the old, outdated rules coal plants were allowed to dump a nearly unlimited amount of toxic waste directly into our waters, threatening our water and the health of communities downstream. It's time for Maryland to revoke these plants' free pass to pollute our rivers, lakes, and streams. In 2015, the EPA updated the regulations to reduce the toxicity of coal waste - these standards would have required power plants to curb the vast majority of their toxic metals and other harmful contaminates. While these federal regulations are currently on hold, Maryland can still implement this safer standard and prevent these contaminants from entering our water supply.

Right now, the Maryland Department of the Environment is issuing new permits for three coal-fired power plants - Chalk Point, Dickerson, and Morgantown - which discharge into the Patuxent and Potomac Rivers. We want MDE to hold these power plants accountable to a standard that does not allow them to dump their toxic waste into our rivers.

Upcoming Hearings:

September 26: Morgantown Permit

Charles County Library - La Plata Branch

2 Garrett Ave

La Plata, MD 20646

5 PM

September 27: Dickerson Permit

Upper Montgomery Co - Volunteer Fire Dept

19801 Beallsville Road, 2nd Floor

Beallsville, MD 20839

6 PM

September 28: Chalk Point Permit

Calvert County Library - Fairview Branch

8120 Southern Maryland Blvd

Owings, MD 20736

6 PM