Act Now

Barton Spring. photo courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey.

Sign the petition today showing your support a ban on dumping treated sewage into creeks above the Edwards Aquifer in favor of safer alternatives.

Three glasses of water on a table. Photo credit:  bunyarit / Shutterstock

Now is your opportunity to weigh in to the PUC’s oversight plan and demand we have a plan in place that treats access to safe, affordable drinking water as a fundamental human right, not a business investment.

Michigan Capitol building / photo: Denny Green, Clean Water

Pledge today to hold your elected officials accountable for their record on issues that affect our water and health.

RethinkDisposable_Landfill Adobe Spark Image.jpg

Let your State Representative and Senator know that you want them to support statewide legislative efforts to phase out single-use plastic bags once and for all!

Line 5, image via: Oil & Water Don't Mix

Take Action Now and Endorse the Oil & Water Don't Mix Plan to Decommission Line 5

Methane flare, black smoke. Photo credit: Leonid Ikan / Shutterstock

It’s contradictory that at the same we’re finalizing strong rules for new operations; we introduce weak ones for existing operations. Sign our petition to Governor Wolf and demand equally strong protection to control methane emissions from existing oil and gas operations.

Mackinac Bridge

Sign our pledge today to get involved with our efforts to hold Bill Schuette accountable for his record of protecting major corporate polluters at the expense of the Great Lakes.

Over the past eight years, Maryland has lost more than 14,000 acres of forest to development.  The Forest Conservation Act could reverse that.



Governor Christie and his Democratic allies attempted to ram through lame duck legislation that will make customers pay millions to bail out two PSE&G nuclear plants. We didn't let them get away with it!

Yesterday, Speaker Prieto stoped the Nuclear bill by not letting it on the Assembly floor for a vote!