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Let's Take Our Democracy Back

Reforming our democracy is essential to protecting our water, taking bold action to address the climate crisis, and protecting our communities. The influence of corporate special interests has slowed or even reversed progress cleaning up toxic chemicals, safeguarding drinking water sources, and holding polluters accountable.

voting booths

The ability to participate in free and open elections is a cornerstone of democratic government. States should focus on protecting the freedom to vote, not placing additional barriers to voting. Unfortunately, instead of ensuring that all voices can be heard, leaders in the state legislature are working hard to pass anti-voter bills.

containers of toxic chemicals

Despite robust opposition from the chemical industry and other vested interests, two Clean Water Action-sponsored bills to reduce the use of toxic PFAS chemicals and protect children from lead passed out of the California Assembly’s Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials this week, along with another important bill we are supporting!  Please help us thank the members of the ESTM Committee and our bill authors and send a message to the rest of the Assembly to support these important pieces of legislation.  

Oil wells and pipelines - Belridge Oil Field

You can help protect the millions of Californians hurt by polluting oil and gas drilling practices by taking action right now! Tell your legislators to support SB 467.


Tell your legislators to reject the House's amendment to Climate Solutions Now!

How do your favorite retailers rate on toxic chemicals?

Because of demand from consumers like you, retailers are taking unprecedented action to protect customers from toxic chemicals.

The latest annual Mind The Store retailer report card on toxic chemicals is out. About 2/3 of the companies have made progress over the last year! Unfortunately, 7-Eleven, 99 Cents Only, Ace Hardware, Burger King, Circle K, Metro, Nordstrom, Publix, Sally Beauty, Sobeys, Starbucks, and Subway all failed to take substantial public steps to protect customers from toxic chemicals in products and packaging.

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Write the governor a letter today telling him to issue an executive order that directs the DEP not to issue permits for facilities in overburdened, environmental justice communities prior to the time that DEP regulations for S232 are implemented.

A stream surrounded by trees in the Frederick Municipal Forest

Tell your representatives to fight two bills that would move Maryland backwards on forest protections.

Tell Burger King: Hold the side of chemicals!

Our water shouldn't be contaminated for Whopper wrappers.

PFAS chemicals are dangerous. They’ve been linked to increased risk for certain cancers, immune system suppression, and reduced birth weight. Recent testing found that these chemicals are likely being used in packaging for multiple items at Burger King—including the Whopper. And they sell more than 2 million Whoppers a day!