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Be a Clean Water Voter - Texas Endorsements 2022

Elections matter – that is something that Clean Water Action has known for a long time.

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Meet our new Texas Director, Becky Smith!

June 6, 2022

Welcome to our new Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund Texas State Director, Becky Smith!  Becky is taking the helm in the Lone Star State after our long time Texas State Director David Foster

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Clean Water 50 Stories: Todd Speight

April 13, 2022

In honor of Clean Water Action's 50th birthday, we’re sharing our history and stories of the people who have helped us protect clean water along the way through #CleanWater50Stories.

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Clean Water Candidates Won Big in Texas

November 16, 2018

Thanks to clean water voters who came out in force for last week's elections, most of the pro-environment candidates endorsed by Clean Water Action here in Texas prevailed, and our endorsed candidates who lost, did so by very narrow margins.